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The Director and Producer - Yaron Betan

Yaron Betan is the acting Director and Producer of the Film Heroes Manufactured as a practicing cinematographer, director and producer. Yaron has often worked on independent documentaries and from time to time on Hollywood studio budget productions. His role in this film is building the story from active footage and archives which will help tell the story about new Canadian Artists and the challenges they face in the current comic book market. Yaron has dedicated himself to learning about the variety and diverse work that has been flowing through Canada and many of our artist-run events and conventions. 

Producer and Partner - Zavosh Zaboliyan

Zavosh Zaboliyan is a producer and art director, known for Sequela (2015), AKP: Job 27 (2013) and As a Vacation (2014). independent films produced in the Toronto Market. Zavosh also works with a number of celebrity-related talent including many who are featured in the film. His active role is committed to building relationships with external producers and managers to promote and gain access to specific events and coverage for the film. 

Producer and Partner - Stuart Steinberg

Stuart’s thirst for knowledge and technological advances keeps Key West Video at the forefront of the industry. His experience in corporate video production and online video marketing allow him to rise to any challenge. Stuart has joined the Heroes Manufactured team by assisting in the video production and studio support of the film.
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