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Featured Artist: Meaghan Carter

Meaghan is a Toronto-based comic artist. She works in the Comic Book Embassy studio on the webcomic 'Take off!', freelance comic work and other personal projects. 


Meaghan Carter is a graduate of Max the Mutt Animation school, where she majored in sequential storytelling. She is the author of the popular webcomics Take Off, and Godslave, and is a regular contributor to anthologies such as Valor, True Patriot, and Toronto Comics. She teaches cartooning at the local college.


Meaghan is an exceptional artist who's work can be found at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) as well as many other Canadian Comic Cons including: Toronto Comic Con and Fan Expo Canada. Meaghan is part of the growing and thriving female comic book community in Toronto and is an advocate for working with woman in comics.

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