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Featured Artist: Andy Stanleigh

An award-winning producer, art director, graphic novel artist and designer. Andy has worked with some of the biggest names in comic book history, including Art Spiegelman, Stan Lee, David Mack, Ty Templeton and more. He is proud to have created a library of original graphic novels and collections that have involved almost 100 authors and artists from across the globe, and connected people with their fans and creations. Andy regularly gives back to the community by donating hundreds of Indigenous Comics Collection books to schools and libraries in Canada and the US, as well as donate a portion of proceeds of our Hobson’s Gate books to mental health charities in Canada.


Andy also operates AH Comics. “AH” stands for Alternate History – named after our first title Titan: An Alternate History, which was called “The best in new graphic novels!” by The National Post (2011).


Andy's books includes the critically successful debut publication Titan: An Alternate History, the Juno Award Nominee shortlisted title River Pilots’ Delta, the massive 256 page Jewish Comix Anthology featuring a story edited by Stan Lee, the Association of Arts & Social Change Canadian Publishing Award nominated graphic novel series Hobson’s Gate and the multiple-award winning MOONSHOT The Indigenous Comics Collection.

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